Saffron Sounds LIVE!

Saffron Sounds LIVE!

Are you looking for a FREE unique and engaging musical experience for your students? Look no further than Saffron Sounds LIVE!

Saffron Sounds LIVE! - an interactive concert specifically designed for KS2 students - will take place at Saffron Hall on Thursday 4 May 2023, 1pm-2.30pm. There are no costs to schools to attend this event.

During the concert, students will have the opportunity to experience the magic of live music in a fun and interactive way. Led by the dynamic and charismatic Jess Gillam, the ensemble will guide the audience through a range of musical genres and styles, from classical to jazz to pop.

With plenty of opportunities for participation, students will be encouraged to sing, dance, and even play along with the musicians. They will learn about the different instruments in the ensemble and how they work together to create beautiful music. Through the music Jess, percussionist Elsa, bassist Sam and other members of the ensemble will demonstrate the practical application of the interrelated dimensions of music - pitch, texture, dynamics etc. with an aim to enhance your student's knowledge and understanding.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable musical experience for your children. Book your places for Saffron Sounds LIVE! today!

Children in colourful primary school uniforms raise their hands
Primary school children sit cross-legged on the floor in Saffron Hall

Free Saffron Sounds workshops in your school

Saffron Sounds workshops will take place in primary schools in Essex in the Spring and Summer terms 2023. These half-day workshops are designed for a class of Key Stage 2 students. Inspired by the story of the Voyager Golden record students will be led through a process to collaboratively create a piece of music reflecting their lives on earth.

These half-day workshops will encourage students to collaborate and create a piece of music that reflects their lives. Led by members of the Jess Gillam ensemble the workshops will provide a positive, interactive musical experience with a focus on creativity and collaboration. The workshops will encourage students to explore their musical talents, experiment with the interrelated dimensions of music, and work together to produce a unique and meaningful piece of music.

By drawing on the story of the Voyager Golden record, students will be inspired to think about the power of music to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. They will learn about the history of the record and the music that was included on it, and will be encouraged to think about the music that they would want to share with the universe.

Click here to find out about some of our workshops so far

We currently have availability for Saffron Sounds workshops to visit your school on the following dates:

Tues 28 March
Fri 28 April

We can do two workshops per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We will work with any class in KS2 and can adapt to fit into classrooms or school halls. There are no costs to schools for these workshops.

If you are interested in bringing Saffron Sounds workshops to your school please get in touch with our Schools and Community coordinator, Katie via: