National Youth Orchestra Schools' concert

"The world's greatest orchestra of teenagers" are coming back to Saffron Hall in April!

Two teenagers holding cellos laugh to each other. In the background we see lots of string instruments and players

NYO return to Saffron Hall on 17th April 2023

The National Youth Orchestra are coming back to Saffron Hall in April to perform an exclusive concert for school groups! If you’ve experienced them play before, you’ll know how immersive and awe-inspiring a performance from this group of energetic young musicians will be.

The concert is on Monday 17 April, 12.45-2.15pm at Saffron Hall.
The concert is free to attend - no ticket fees for students or teachers!

We welcome any groups of students in Y6, KS3, 4, or 5 to attend with teachers, and it is not a pre-requisite for attendees to be studying music.

Following the success of last year's concert we expect the take-up for this concert to be big. Please find below a short booking form. Once we receive your booking request a member of the Saffron Hall team will be in touch to confirm your spaces. We aim to reply within two working days.

If you have any questions, or would like to supply information required by the form over the phone please do get in touch with our school's coordinator Katie - or 01799 588545.

Watch NYO play The Rite of Spring

About the Repertoire

NYO will be playing The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky, and some other pieces yet to be released. Check back here for more info coming soon!

About The Firebird

Stravinsky was commissioned to write this ballet in 1909 when he was only twenty-seven! The folk origins of the story inspired Stravinsky to borrow a few folk melodies in his score. Indeed, one of the most noticeable elements of Stravinsky’s score is the way harmonious, tonal music (with Russian folk influence) is given to the mortal characters – Prince Ivan and the maidens – while chromatic, non-tonal music underscores the supernatural others - the evil Kaschai, and the magical Firebird.

The story of The Firebird

Searching for his lost love, Prince Ivan finds himself in a mysterious and ominous place. A flock of firebirds descend. Prince Ivan captures one of the beautiful Firebirds, but she escapes, leaving the Prince with one of her magical feathers which will summon her in times of danger.

Prince Ivan finds himself surrounded by thirteen maidens and (rather inevitably) falls in love with one of them, before realising that the women are under the spell of the evil Kaschai.

Prince Ivan summons the Firebird to save him and his maiden from Kaschai... does the Firebird save the day? Come to see the concert to find out!

Feedback from the last NYO school's concert at Saffron Hall

"Wow! Thank you so much for a brilliant afternoon. My Year 10 class have skipped off for the weekend on a high, they really loved it and found it hugely inspiring. We really appreciated the opportunity, thank you!"
- head of music at a local secondary school

"Thank you for inviting us to watch the National Youth Orchestra concert. It was just fantastic and we loved being part of it all"

- a Y10 class from another secondary school