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Building on the success of their 2019 project, The Lost Letters, Saffron Hall’s new creative community Come Together met online weekly for six weeks. The Come Together Community provides an opportunity for participants to work together using music, words, movement and theatre to make new connections across generations, share ideas and experiences and tell the stories of what is important to them.

The group have been working alongside theatre director Rachel Yates, composer Sam Glazer and musicians from Saffron Hall’s Resident Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia to explore the theme of connection. Six weeks of online sessions culminated in a sharing event on Wednesday 10 March where participants were able to share a selection of visual art, music, poetry and more which has been created and curated by the Come Together Community.

The group have also produced a film – Tune In - which brings together words, music, images and film created during the project in a reflection on the theme of connection, and a celebration of the group’s creativity.

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Credit: The Come Together Community, Artistic Directors Sam Glazer and Rachel Yates, Film maker Beth Fox, Musicians from Britten Sinfonia.

Speaking after the sharing event, one of the Come Together members said:

"I just love the fact that a disparate group of local people were drawn together by a common desire to share a creative experience, and that a team brought together by Saffron Hall managed to draw some amazing work from us all, which was then showcased in such a magical fashion ... a huge ’thank you’ for such a memorable few weeks in such a challenging time."

A member of the audience at the sharing event enjoyed ‘the way the range of activities that people had participated in were presented throughout the event. It felt like a real community.’

Come Together is a Saffron Hall Trust project, co-produced with Orchestras Live, with support from Essex County Council and Arts Council England. Also supported by Uttlesford District Council. In Partnership with Britten Sinfonia.

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